Why are the NFL’s teams shopping in Amazon?

The NFL is spending a fortune on online shopping at the expense of its competitors.

Amazon has been building a massive online store that could reach $2 billion in revenue per year by 2020, the New York Times reported in a front-page article.

The site has a catalog of over 6,000 products and is a key part of Amazon’s strategy to become the leader in online shopping.

But the NFL, the world’s largest sports league, has been buying the hardware and software from Microsoft Corp. and Apple Inc. and building a store on its own.

The league is expected to spend up to $100 million in Amazon’s store this year.

Amazon, whose products are often used to help NFL players get on the field, has become the largest seller of apparel in the NFL.

The company has a global catalog of more than 3,500 products, including uniforms, shirts, hats, and hats, that are sold on its online shop.

The NFL has made several attempts to expand its online shopping capabilities.

In 2014, the league teamed up with the company Jet.com, which offers sports merchandise and other apparel, to offer NFL players the ability to buy merchandise through Amazon and Jet.

The partnership with Jet., the NFL said at the time, would allow NFL players to shop from the comfort of their own homes.

In 2016, the team also announced a partnership with Nike.

In September, the Seahawks signed a five-year, $3.6 billion contract with Amazon.

The deal includes a new $1.4 billion NFL apparel deal and $400 million in merchandising revenue.

Amazon has also announced deals with other companies.

In the past year, the company has spent $2.6 million on digital marketing.

The Seahawks have partnered with Nike on a new jersey design.

The team’s apparel will be made in China and will be available in the team’s new uniforms starting in 2021.

The jersey will be part of the Seahawks’ home jerseys for the 2020 season.

The teams apparel is part of an effort by the NFL to grow its online presence, and the Seahawks have already begun to sell their gear through Amazon.

In 2017, the Seattle Seahawks wore their home jerseys and helmets at the Super Bowl and the team is expected for its first season at CenturyLink Field.

In the past two years, Amazon has invested in the Seahawks store, as well as other NFL stores.

Amazon is also working with NFL teams on their online shopping strategy, including in-store pickup.

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