What to do when you see a shop that sells cakes or bakes but not sweets

You are more likely to see a cake shop than a bakery, but a cake bakeshop is a great option if you are looking for a simple, fun, affordable way to have some cake or bakers, or simply want to create a little bit of extra income for yourself and your family.

You will find all sorts of cakes and bakes in cake shops, from simple and traditional ones, to the more sophisticated creations such as cakes and pastries.

Many shops sell chocolate cake, cake decorating, cakes for sale and cakes and cakes for rent.

Some shops also offer baking services such as decorating cake or making cakes from scratch.

You will also find cakes for hire, including those made by a bakery or a cafe.

While some of the cakes and bakeries you might be looking for are a little pricey, there are many more cakes and baking shops in Melbourne’s CBD.

Find out moreAbout the Cake Bakers of MelbourneThere are over 60 bakery shops and cafe shops in Victoria, which are also listed here in the table below.

The cake bakeries listed here are the only places you will find cakes and baked goods that are suitable for the most people, but are not suitable for all.

There are some good places for more people to come in and do some baking or decorating and they are often quite inexpensive, as well.

The locations of all the cake bakerys listed here have been taken from the websites of the Victoria Baking Council and the Melbourne Baking Club.

For more information about cake baking in Melbourne, please read our guide to the Cakebaking industry in Melbourne and our information about cakes and cake making in Victoria.

To find out more about cake making and the many cakes available, see our guide on Cake Making in Melbourne.

Some of the cake shops and bakers listed in this section are not affiliated with the Melbourne Bakery Council.

Some are registered as Bakers and Confections.

They are all listed on the Melbourne Cake Baking Clubs website.

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