What do I need to know about erik’s Bike Shop

Erik’s is the only bike shop in North Dakota.

It opened in 2013 and is a small, casual shop with a few tables, a counter and a sign that says “no coffee.”

The owner, Chris Erick, says the store is a destination, a place for people to buy things they wouldn’t otherwise get at home.

“It’s a little bit like a mini-retail store,” Erick said.

“I don’t know what else I can call it.

People want to get things.

You’re getting your coffee, you’re getting a pack of cigarettes.

It’s like, ‘I’ll get a pack, I’ll get my soda, I want a bag of gum, I need a pack.'”

Erick owns a few other shops in the area, including an ice cream shop, a car wash and a bike repair shop.

Erick started his business in 2013, when he was a teenager in North Carolina.

He was frustrated with what he called “the big chain stores” in the state.

“We were just kind of hanging out in the parking lot of this ice cream truck, and they’re just really expensive,” he said.

He decided to start a small bike shop and found it easy to operate.

“You can get your own bike, you can go anywhere, and you can just ride around and do whatever you want.”

He has also had some customers complain that he’s not a “regular guy” in his store.

Erik said he was raised to treat customers with respect and that’s why he decided to open the shop.

“My shop is really just for myself,” he explained.

“If you go to the coffee shop and it’s just people walking around with their laptops, it doesn’t matter who they are or what they’re wearing.

If you treat me poorly, I’m going to make them uncomfortable.” “

People can be nice, and if you treat them well, they’ll treat you well.

If you treat me poorly, I’m going to make them uncomfortable.”

Erick has found that he attracts customers with his friendly demeanor and his attention to detail.

Erich said his customers often ask him questions about their bikes and other things.

Ericky said he hopes to sell bikes and accessories, but also wants to make a living.

He said he’s also looking for people who want to give back and help out the shop, such as donating bikes to the local bike shop or donating to a local charity.

Ericke has started a Facebook page called ErikSavingTheBikeShop, where people can donate bikes and bikes to his shop.

He also has a fundraising website, EriksGiving.com.

He has started to collect donations for his business, which he said is a way to support local charities and to help people who have lost a bike.

“There are a lot of bikes out there that are not owned by Erik, and I want to bring that back into the community,” he told The Associated Press.

If I go to another bike shop on the street, people can buy the bike there and give it to me. “

And I can sell it at the bike shop.

If I go to another bike shop on the street, people can buy the bike there and give it to me.

I can just sell it for a profit, and people can come in and have a good time.”

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