‘We should have a different policy’: GOP Senate candidate wants to ban water purifiers

The Republican Senate candidate for Florida’s 4th Congressional District says he supports legislation that would ban water-purifying devices in homes, schools and public areas.

The Florida Republican, former Republican Gov.

Charlie Crist, is running for a third term in the U.S. Senate.

He’s facing Democrat Jon Ossoff in a competitive race for the seat vacated by former Rep. Patrick Murphy.

In a statement, Crist said he believes there is “no place in our nation’s capitol for this type of water pollution.”

He said the devices are not effective in cleaning water, are a nuisance and “have been proven to increase our water quality.”

We should also ban all water-saving devices, he added.

The device in question is a water purifier that uses hot water to purify water and can be bought for $99 to $149.

The water comes from a hot water heater, which can be plugged into the device, or an off-grid system.

Crist says he believes the devices should be banned because they are not efficient and are more expensive than traditional systems that use water to heat.

Carmen Castaneda, a spokeswoman for Crist, said he supports the idea of banning the devices because they can have a negative impact on the environment and the quality of drinking water.

We need to do everything in our power to make sure that we do not have an increase in the water quality, Castanaga said.

We do have to make a decision on what is the best way to deal with the environmental impacts of water-powered devices.

Calls for a ban on water purifying devicesIn the House, Rep. Raul Grijalva, a Democrat from Arizona, introduced a bill to ban the devices.

It was referred to the House Rules Committee and has been referred to a subcommittee.

In the Senate, Sen. Bill Nelson, D-Fla., introduced a measure that would require the use of water purification devices in public buildings and schools.

The legislation would ban all new water-power devices, including those that use hot water, and ban water usage in school facilities.

A number of bills have been introduced in the House to ban and banish water-related devices, and some of the bills are supported by Republican members of Congress.

Cameron said the idea behind his bill is to make it clear that water is not a beverage, and that we should not use water-borne disease transmission devices in our homes.

“We should not have a situation where a child is sick with a waterborne disease, where the water is contaminated, where you have a water-driven disease outbreak that kills hundreds of people, and you’re using the water for the purpose of drinking,” Cameron said.

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