How to make a new shirt from scratch

How to put together a new tattoo?

The process has been taught in some schools for years, but for a lot of people it can be a daunting task. 

The tattoo shop you choose may be a new one and it may have no experience of the tattooing industry, so you may find that the process can be confusing. 

Here are some tips to help you out. 


Choose a new shop, as many tattoo shops have experienced their own turnover. 

You’ll need to consider your tattoo style, colours, size and style of ink you’re using. 

This will determine the price you pay, the quality of your tattoo and whether you want to use an industrial tattoo. 


Make sure you don’t have a tattoo that doesn’t match your tattoo.

 There are plenty of great brands that are perfect for tattooing and a lot less suitable for commercial use. 


Find a tattoo shop that sells products from a local company.

For some tattoo shops, there is an online store to purchase a range of tattoo products from, and some have tattoo shop hours. 


Make your selection, then find the right size, shape and colour.

If you’re not sure, you can ask your tattoo artist to do the fitting for you. 


Make a list of all the items you need.

Make a list for each item and include your name and address, and your phone number. 


Pick a new colour and design.

This is your chance to find the perfect tattoo.

It will depend on the brand and the size of the tattoos you have. 


Take your new tattoo to your tattoo shop and make sure everything is in place.


Once you have your tattoo, take your order.

You will be sent a customised print and instructions to make the design and colour your choice. 


If you don.t want to have your customised design tattooed, you should contact the tattoo shop directly and ask to have the design tattoo removed. 


Your tattoo shop may not have the same range of colours as other tattoo shops.

You can order your design tattoo in a range, but some tattoo shop colours may not be suitable for tattoos in general. 


You’ll need your tattooist to take a photograph of your new design tattoo to ensure it matches the style you want.


Your shop will need to pay you a fee to have it tattooed.


You may be asked to pay for your new custom tattoo.

You should arrange to pay the fee to your shop, before your tattoo is completed. 


Once the tattoo is complete, you may need to contact your tattooer again.


Your new tattoo is ready to go. 

Some tattoo shops offer a discount for customers who visit a store and make a reservation to get their new tattoo.

This can be great if you’re planning to visit a tattoo salon, or for other reasons. 

What to consider before ordering a tattoo: What can I expect when I get my tattoo? 

When you get your tattoo it will be a unique experience, with a range from very simple to very intricate designs. 

Your tattoo may be tattooed on your face, chest or neck. 

Can I keep my original tattoo?

The tattoo you get will be unique to you.

Your old tattoo may still be on your body and may have a history of your tattoos. 

Do I need a tattoo in my tattoo shop? 

No, you will need your own tattoo artist for your tattoo as well as your tattoo store. 

Should I get a tattoo at my tattoo store? 

You will not need to get a new design on your tattoo when you visit a new or existing tattoo shop. 

Where can I find a tattoo artist? 

There is a wide range of shops in the UK that can help you with a tattoo, but it depends on your local tattoo shop, your size and the quality and quantity of ink used. 

How much does it cost to get my new tattoo done? 

The cost of a tattoo varies depending on your size, style and colour, but the average cost is £30 to £50, depending on the size, design and colours you choose. 

Tattoo salons are also open 24 hours a day to help people get their tattoos done. 

Who has a tattoo and who doesn’t? 

A tattoo is a permanent change in your body, with no way to return to your previous state of health. 

In the UK, it is illegal to tattoo your body without the consent of the person to whom you give consent. 

Why is my tattoo still on my body after getting it done?

Your tattoo will stay on your skin for at least a year and your skin may feel red, sore or itchy.

It may be difficult to remove your tattoo permanently. I’ve

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