How Apple finally cracked the mystery of the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

A few weeks ago, we had a good look at what the new iPhones will look like, but we also had a lot of questions about how they work and how the new design will affect the overall user experience.

Apple has already confirmed the iPhone 7 will sport a dual-camera setup that can shoot both still images and video at 30 frames per second.

However, the new phones will only be available in two color options: white and black.

The white model is currently available for pre-order at $1,499, while the black version is only available for $1.4949.

The iPhone 7 is the first iPhone with a dual camera setup since the original iPhone 5S.

The dual-lens setup is the most common setup among smartphone cameras, and it’s something Apple has long touted in its iPhone 7 design manifesto.

Apple also has the option of a wide angle lens, which will allow for more zoom and the ability to shoot video at 120 frames per minute.

However, in an interview with AppleInsider, the company’s senior VP of product engineering Craig Federighi says Apple doesn’t plan on using the wide angle feature for a wide-angle lens in the iPhone 8 or 9.

Instead, the iPhone is going to be limited to a wide frame, which is where Apple will be using the iPhone 10.

We don’t know if Apple will make the iPhone X or iPhone X Pro available in either of those models, but there are a few possibilities.

The iPhone X is a phone with a larger 4K OLED display, and the iPhone 9 might have a larger screen and better camera.

The former is a possibility, while Apple might have the best overall camera on the market right now.

We already know that Apple plans to use the same OLED display in the upcoming iPhone X and X Pro, but it will probably use the curved display found on the iPhone 12s, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, and iPhone XS.

Apple also has said it will make its next iPhones available in three color choices: white, black, and silver.

It seems likely that Apple will opt for a “3D” display for its next phones, but that hasn’t been confirmed.

Apple’s design team has also been busy, with design guru Steve Jobs once again joining the team.

In an interview to Business Insider earlier this year, Jobs said that Apple would be designing iPhones in a 3D space, and that Apple’s designers are “trying to think in 3D spaces.”

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