Harley-Davidson will open shop in Adelaide

The future of motorcycle repair in Australia has finally arrived.

The future is here for Harley-Davidsons.

It’s the Harley-DC1000.

The Harley-DM2.

The new Harley-Buster.

The motorcycle of the future.

Harley-Editions is proud to announce that the Harley DC1000 will be the first Harley-powered motorcycle to be built and delivered to the Australian market.

The Harley- DC1000 is an extremely powerful and exciting bike to be a part of.

We are proud to partner with Harley- Davidson Australia, the Harley Davidson team and our partners at the Melbourne Harley-Mart, to offer a very special and exciting opportunity to riders, motorcyclists and their families.

The design and engineering team at Harley-Dam is a world class team of Harley-builders and we are very excited to be able to work with the team to bring this new Harley to the community.

We will be proud to be working with Harley Davidson Australia in bringing the Harley to Australia and its customers.

The new Harley is one of the first motorcycle designs in the history of Harley Davidson to be created and produced in Australia.

This bike is also the first of its kind for Harley Davidson in the United States and is designed to be one of a kind in its own right.

We know that motorcycle enthusiasts have a deep love for motorcycles.

Harley Davidson and Harley-Martin are committed to bringing Harley Davidson Motorcycles into the 21st Century.

This is the Harley we are making.

The first Harley to be manufactured in Australia, this is the new Harley that will go on sale in 2019.

The project to build this new motorcycle will be a collaboration between Harley Davidson International and the Harley Motorworks Australia, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Harley.

This will be one hell of a collaboration.

We have the most passionate and committed motorcycle enthusiast base in the world and this is our chance to work together.

The partnership with Harley is an exciting opportunity for the entire Harley-davidson team.

Harley is the global leader in motorcycles, and this partnership is the culmination of a long journey to bring Harley-Motorworks Australia’s new Harley and its iconic, award-winning heritage to Australia.

We hope to build a truly extraordinary product that celebrates the best of Harley and Harley Motorwork Australia, and the people who work and live in the communities where we live.

We know that Harley- Motorworks will be an incredible partner to this project.

The future of Harley is here.

Harley’s iconic Harley Davidson brand will be on the road, and we can’t wait to bring our Harley-Super Sport to the next generation of Australian riders.

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