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‘Cakeshop owner has been found guilty of murder’

A cake shop owner has admitted murdering a woman who was left for dead in her home in a Dublin city park.The woman, whose name has not been released, was found dead in the park in March this year.Her body was found by gardai, who found her with a head

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Why We Fuzzy Tacos Should Be Cheesy

Taco shops are not the only place in town where you can get a taco fix in the comfort of your own home.Here are our picks for the best taco spots around New York City, and if you’re a foodie in the know, we’d love to hear about them.1.Tacos de

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What’s next for the bike industry?

Bicycle sport shop Lankybox has closed its doors.The business, which was founded by former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg in 2007, announced on Tuesday that it was ending its 10-year lease.LankyBox has also said that it plans to reopen at a later date.The company was founded in 2007 by

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How to get Amazon Prime Shopping to pay you back

Amazon is trying to get customers to give it money.The company is giving the free 30-day trial of its Prime subscription service, which it charges for every item purchased with a credit card.It’s offering the offer to Amazon Prime members in Canada and Australia.If you’re a Prime subscriber in the

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Apple: The iPhone is a Mac app

Apple has been accused of stealing the idea of Macs in its Apple Watch lineup, but the company has denied it.Apple CEO Tim Cook and his team are taking a page out of the playbook of their parent company, Google, by making the Apple Watch the first product to be

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How to buy your new tv online for a cheap price

The world of online shopping has been booming lately and with the launch of the Roku, Amazon is leading the charge with a massive selection of TVs for under $100.If you’re looking for a decent budget alternative to the Apple TV or the Roku Streaming Stick, the best option to

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Why you need to shop online for your favorite donuts

Shop online with confidence at the best donut shop in the city.There’s no need to be afraid to shop with the best of the best.Just make sure you have a great budget and don’t forget to get a good selection of donuts.Shop online with the BestDonuts in NYC

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